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There is always something to play with, new technologies are our playground, and we always try to bring the best in our apps to enhance your user experience.


We get creative by letting our minds wander into the facinating world that are numeric technologies. Our imagination is the only limit.


We are multi devices expert, as we feel tablets and smartphones are great daily tools we can use to make your life easier and funnier.


Talking with you about our products really matters, so we spend a lot of time bringing content through our facebook and twitter accounts. Make sure to follow them to be up-to-date or if you want to send us some feedback!

Our works

We are mobile application experts. From learning game to tv shows related stuff, or even gaming community, we bring you great apps that we use everyday.

Our services

We can help you build all your digital projects. Our top notch team can help you through each phase of your project, from specifications to publication, while advising you on the best technological choices.


Creating a blog to showcase your company or creating more ambitious projects on the Internet with graceful Client/Server interfaces.


Build your mobile application on all platforms. Our expertise in native languages will give your project an unmatched quality, and unfair advantage.


Thanks to our design and ergonomic experts, we design your project using the latest trends and expectations from your users.


We are expert regarding the protection of your users' privacy. We can implement many solutions to ensure the integrity of your data.

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  Cups of coffee drunk
  Awesome applications
  Servers burned

Our team

Only the best, only the few.

Nicolas Hoareau

Founder & CEO

Guillaume Petit

Co-Founder & CTO

Our recent posts

September 17, 2015

AUFS storage driver with Docker on OVH

Most linux distributions come with the proper support for AUFS as a Storage driver for docker. But OVH uses a custom kernel that just doesn’t. But no worries, today we will see how to change that !

August 15, 2015

Cryptographie - GPG - Et logiciels libres

Si vous vous intéressez un peu à la sécurité sur Internet, vous vous êtes déjà confronté à la question de la cryptographie. Aujourd’hui je me suis penché sur le logiciel de cryptographie VeraCrypt.

June 04, 2015

TV Show Alert v2.1.0

Hi fellas! We are pleased to annonce you the release of TV Show Alert v2.1.0! Here is a complete and comprehensive list of improvements and bug fixes, enjoy!

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