Play and Learn


Take a deep breath and relax… Time does not matter here !
Discover is the new application from Roxy Pony. This is a puzzle game that, unlike others, which aims make you have a good time while learning new things.
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Pick a theme you think you master, or one you want to discover. Art, TV Show, Video Games, Monuments of the world. Each level starts with an image, at first sight it’s a bubble. Each time you touch a bubble, it splits into 4 smaller bubbles, so the more you touch them the clearer the image. Your goal is to guess what is the image. But be aware that each split lower your score, so try to guess it as soon as possible !

Online & Achievements

Discover is connected to the GameCenter, many achievements await you along with a ranking system. Compare your skills with your friends!

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  • Date: February 2014